About Steve Murphy
Sculpture - 2018

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The enigmatic and the familiar are territories explored in my process. Simple forms which upon investigation reveal the complexities of their geometry. The work is imbued with a sense of calm yet countered with threatening aspects or perceived elements of danger. These dualities are crucial in creating that aura of mystery.

The work engages the classical elements of sculpture; form, volume, surface and edge. It is the result of a continued reductive investigation of those sculptural elements that produce simple yet engaging geometric configurations.

I work within a limited range of shapes, edge treatments and angles of repose. Juxtaposing these elements into multiple formats is the primary focus of my continued investigation and development.

My intent is to be nonspecific in alluding to recognizable objects. My titles are not to be construed as dogmatic or overly descriptive but more poetic in nature thereby enhancing the interpretive nuances of the pieces. The revealing of the unique physical nature of the selected materials employed adds to the allure of each piece.

I want the viewer to bring their experiences to the work and find their unique connections. To entice the viewer to enter into a quiet meditative experience when contemplating these works and hopefully gain fresh vision and insights of their world.